John Adams, Dr. Toxics Slime Lab – Review Today’s posts is a review of the John Adams, Dr. Toxics Slime Lab.  The kids have well and truly put it through its paces and made Slime and disgusting jellified worms. My sons birthday is very close to Christmas and because he>>>>

Quick update: do you remember the pink hair back in my July post?  Well I am pleased to report that the plan it worked a treat.  The little lady stuck to the deal and has gone back to school today with lovely smooth, trimmed hair (about 2inches off) and she’s>>>>

Outdoor Fun with the National Trust I was listening to the breakfast show on my local radio station today, talking about The National Trusts 50 things to do before you’re 12 bucket list.  A concept I was aware of but hadn’t got round to looking into further.  So with barely>>>>

Ok so I don’t know if I would be classed as a “bad mum” for this one, but hey it works, everyone’s happy and it’s a bit of fun.  To be quite honest I couldn’t give a monkeys if I do get the occasional disapproving glance at the playground.  This>>>>