How I got my 8yr old to finally let us cut her knotty hair

How I got my 8yr old to finally let us cut her knotty hair

Ok so I don’t know if I would be classed as a “bad mum” for this one, but hey it works, everyone’s happy and it’s a bit of fun.  To be quite honest I couldn’t give a monkeys if I do get the occasional disapproving glance at the playground.  This is how I dealt with my daughters super knotty hair.

The Problem – knotty hair

You see my daughter has really knotty hair, I mean REALLY KNOTTY HAIR.  It’s become so bad that I hide in shame at the school gates. We are very often the last ones in mainly due to the full blown screaming matches after trying to brush it through in the morning.  She then ends up rocking up to school with mattered chunks or on other occasions her Barnet looks as though it has been decorated with a birds nest fascinator!  The problem is my daughters hair is so fine and getting really long, (she has refused to have it cut) therefore it’s getting really mattered and knotty.

I’ve tried all kinds of techniques and products to get it tangle free, even trying to scare her into submission with tales of maggots and nits, or her hair cultivating its own eco-system. But that didn’t cut the mustard either.  So enough was enough, I concocted a cunning plan…..

The Plan

Before the start of the summer break I plotted to get her hair cut.  I had to go about it strategically, or else it wouldn’t work.

1. First I planted the seed; I suggested that, why not, for a bit of fun dip dye her hair pink for the holidays?  Well naturally it was well received, with the added bonus; pink is by far her favourite colour.  Excellent, stage one complete.

2. Next I had to convince her that this would not be suitable to go back to school with in September so once we have coloured it then we will need to have it cut before going back to school.  Reluctantly the little lady agreed.  So far as I was concerned, mission was complete we had an agreement.

 To colour the hair I used a semi permanent purple/pink colour by Schwarzkopf Live and proceeded to “dip-dye” her hair following the instructions on the carton.  I even attempted to blend it in gradually by mixing a small amount of dye with conditioner and applying at the top of the coloured section.  I don’t think the effect worked though.

The Results (part 1)

Wow the final result looked totally awesome, wish my hair was light enough to have it.  She absolutely loved it and had so many compliments too.  The good thing about this colour system is that it actually washes out after 12 or so washes (I haven’t told her that though)….which was probably just as well as I got a bit carried away and coloured more than I planned.

I used this range from Schwarzkopf:

[amazon_link asins=’B01436IBFW,B00BXGO5OM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’gogomojito-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’42f2a945-7567-11e7-b247-cb79009644f1′]

Now just watch this space for the hair cut day at the end of August….

Please do message or comment with your solutions to getting your child’s hair cut when they are not forthcoming with enthusiasm.  Or any tricks to keeping it knot free please share with me….

Over and out for now my lovelies xx S

(keep an eye out for “The results part2” when we make it to the salon at the end of the month)

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